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Two Point One was started with one goal in mind: continue to build the same beautifully designed, human-centric, award-winning products that its founders have been shipping their entire careers.

A modern agency with global reach, and processes designed to maximize its distributed team, Two Point One delivers game changing solutions that are as elegant as they are effective.

Originating Two Point One
Explore in detail how we rebranded ourselves to appeal to a much broader and an international target audience, challenges we faced, how we originate ideas and out them in action.
Originating Two Point One


Invested in Two Point One partners

Two Point One partners have attracted over $17 million in investments, a testament to the transformative power of our cutting-edge UI/UX design in shaping products that captivate investors and users alike.


Industries covered

Our expertise transcends over 10 industries, seamlessly translating innovative design solutions into unparalleled success stories.



Ensuring 100% satisfaction in every project, Two Point One consistently delivers exceptional results tailored to exceed expectations.


Vikalp Jain

Vikalp Jain


With over a decade experience, Vikalp has been building products and assembling teams that deliver award winning, market-defining solutions from Day 1.

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We are a team united by a love for creating incredible experiences and a desire to never stop learning.

We value collaboration and pragmatism, and encourage diversity of ideas and perspectives. Our ability to deliver amazing products starts with the core values that create the fabric of Two Point One.