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Introduction to

About Stralla

An intelligent resource built for today’s reader, Stralla makes staying on top of the latest news and trends easier than ever. Built to parse over 30,000 articles every day, with AI-generated confidence scores for all content, users control a personalized feed to discover articles covering topics they love…from sources they can trust.

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News and content fatigue is real. And with an endless supply of new information comes a heightened need for sorting through the misleading headlines and the content you need. With many platforms trying to solve this same problem, being laser focused with a partner that has unparalleled experience design capabilities with equal technical expertise was a must.

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Knowing what was feasible, but lacking the expertise to translate the idea into a viable product, Stralla’s founders turned to Two Point One as their trusted partner from Day 1.

Strategy &

In order to be a next generation news aggregator, Stralla needed a forward-looking approach to strategy and research of all aspects of the product development process.

Stralla Strategy & Research

Technical Research

Building a tool for consuming articles from many sources, covering multiple topics, requires a frictionless user experience built on an intelligent backend capable of parsing tens of thousands of articles every day.

By using best in class solutions on the backend like ElasticSearch, IBM Watson, and Google Natural Language AI, and the latest frontend tech like ReactJS, Stralla is able to provide its users a sleek and powerful platform.

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User Research

Building a tool that requires the full attention of its users requires a deep understanding of its audience. Ease of use is key in becoming part of users daily news consumption.

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User Panels, Data Flow Questionnaires, and continuous prototype feedback were pivotal in creating a user experience that is as powerful on the backend as it is easy to use on the front end.

A [smart] News Aggregator

A complex backend that passes data through multiple AI pipelines gives users a contextualized feed with smart widgets showing them the latest news, scores, and information related to the topics they choose to follow and engage.

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By engaging Two Point One, the Stralla founders were able to take a sketched idea into a highly functional MVP, with a sleek UX and an intelligent backend system with AI and Machine Learning capabilities.

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