Ideation to execution

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Two Point One?

We are not a development “shop”. We are an innovation partner. We work with passionate founders and organizational leaders to take ideas and turn them into killer products.

Our best projects are full product cycle builds where we work with our partner from ideation to product launch.

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Strategy & Design

[object Object]User Research
[object Object]Wireframes
[object Object]UI/UX Design
[object Object]Brand & Style Guides
[object Object]Logo Design
[object Object]Code Audits
[object Object]User Journey Mapping
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[object Object]iOS and Android, and Hybrid Applications
[object Object]Web Applications
[object Object]QA Testing
[object Object]Rapid Prototyping
[object Object]Information Architecture
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[object Object]Maintenance
[object Object]Development SLA
[object Object]Security
[object Object]Fractional CTO
[object Object]Product Roadmaps
[object Object]Fundraising


We are an end-to-end product consultancy that uses a sprint-based, iterative approach to our development process. A typical project will begin with a series of product and design sprints to identify the product tentpole and provide wireframes that guide the technical path forward. From there, a series of engineering sprints are stacked to enable a backend as powerful as the sleek frontend.